Bonefro & Bonefrani in America

My name is Joe Iarocci and I live in Atlanta, Georgia USA. 

My grandfather was born in Bonefro in 1895. He emigrated to America before the First World War, lived for a time in the coal country of western Pennsylvania and spent most of his life thereafter among the many Bonefrani in New Rochelle, New York USA.

I have come to believe that every person who has family roots in Bonefro is related, if not by blood, then at least by marriage.

So, I am building this website to honor my extended Bonefro family – immediate and extended – past, present and future. 

My mission is to help others Learn about Bonefro & Bonefrani in America, to Connect people with family roots in Bonefro and to Share information about our family histories.

Please contact me if you have questions or comments. Grazie!

Bonefro & Bonefrani in America

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